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Simply Native Japan

Tumi-isi balancing wooden blocks | BY: Daimon Kanno

Tumi-isi balancing wooden blocks | BY: Daimon Kanno

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A century - Age of timbers used for tumi-isi

Designed by our dear friend, Daimon Kanno with the aim of creating a local ecosystem for sustainable production, Tumi-isi was born in 2008. Tumi-isi blocks provide an interactive and visual way to nourish your sense of balance and creativity. They are made from the woods of Yoshino Cedar and Yoshino Cypress (Hinoki) and each block hand bevelled into geometrical asymmetry shapes by local artisans in Nara, Japan. Each block is made with the finest 100-year wood and coated with natural paints. Tumi-isi is carefully designed so that even children can play with peace of mind as the paint is the same used for tableware and the blocks aren’t able to fit into children’s mouths.

Pieces: 5 Dimensions: Φ4cm~12cm

Material: Natural Yoshino cedar & Yoshino cypress with natural colouring and coating

Package: W23.8cm×H17.5cm×D7.9cm

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