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Simply Native Japan

Toyo Tumbler Glass

Toyo Tumbler Glass

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Toyo Sasaki Glass
Japan is a country with a rich culture of utensils, where people use a variety of tableware in their daily lives. Glass, which plays a part in this culture, has characteristics that allow it to maintain its beautiful shine forever.
Toyo Sasaki Glass was born in Japan, a country with a rich culture of vessels, and they have nurtured beautiful, high-quality glass backed by reliable technology.
They continue to create new tableware for the world through glass making with beauty as their main focus.

Toyo Tumbler
Colored items have joined the series that won them a Good Design Award. The brightly colored tumblers add an accent to the table. The simple and modern design makes it suitable for a variety of uses.

Size: 6cm (diameter) X 11cm(height) X 8.1cm
Material: Soda-lime glass
Dishwasher safe
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