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Tea Whisk (Eighty strands) | 茶筅 Chasen | 八十本立

Tea Whisk (Eighty strands) | 茶筅 Chasen | 八十本立

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What is Chasen?
Chasen is a tea whisk, one of the tea utensils used in the tea ceremony to make matcha (powdered green tea). Chasen has many prongs which enable you to whisk a bowl of smooth and frothy matcha into a tea bowl. Most of the chasen is made of bamboo, but the type and colour of bamboo used differs depending on the school.

Tips for using Chasen
・When using the tea whisk, soak it in hot water to moisten it thoroughly. After use, rinse with water and dry well. The box is not for storage.
・The tip of the tea whisk is easily broken and tea powder may get caught in between the prongs.
・If the tip of the tea whisk is curled, run it through the tea whisk with hot water to make it more flexible and easier to use.
・The tea whisk is a consumable item. If the whisk cracks, grows mold or the tip becomes worn out, it's time to buy a new one.

Specifications: 80 prongs

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