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Simply Native Japan

Simply Native Original Matcha Starter Set | 茶道具

Simply Native Original Matcha Starter Set | 茶道具

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Time to start making Matcha at home!
This kit includes all the basic utensils which are needed to make matcha tea. It is also a perfect introduction to matcha making rituals.

The journey of becoming a Chajin'茶人' starts from here...
This Matcha Tea Set features essential Tea utensils'茶道具' including:
1*Chawan (Tea Bowl), 1*Chasen (Bamboo Whisk), 1*Chashaku (Bamboo Scoop), 1 can of Tea ceremony level Matcha powder (潤) and printed matcha instruction in English.

Organic Ceremonial-grade Uji Matcha「潤」'RICH MOISTURE' 20g
This Matcha「潤」'Rich Moisture' is a freshly produced with great care.
Freshness and depth coexist in this matcha, leaving a profound aftertaste reminiscent of Kyoto.
Contents: 20g

Contains: Matcha, Cermaic Matcha bowl, Matcha Scoop, and Whisk
*You can choose green or grey matcha bowl

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