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Simply Native Japan

Rim Plate

Rim Plate

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20cm: φ204×H33mm 
24cm: φ245×H37mm 

Dishwasher & microwave safe

Gifu Prefecture's Mino region is renowned as the land of pottery.
It all began in ancient times, starting from the Momoyama period and onwards, with ceramics like Oribe, Shino, and Ki-Seto, which exude a wabi-sabi aesthetic. In modern times, Mino became known as a mass-production hub for relatively affordable ceramics produced in factories.
However, hidden within this image, there are numerous historic kilns that have been continuously operating for centuries.
Even today, these "hidden kilns," like precious raw gems, hold onto their time-honored traditions, preserving and passing down their unique and flavorful craftsmanship.
They are home to skilled artisans who passionately continue to produce pottery through traditional handmade methods.
These hidden kilns may not often take center stage, but they remain an essential part of Mino's rich pottery heritage.

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