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Knives stand | KEI, Japan

Knives stand | KEI, Japan

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The base can be removed for easy cleaning.
The humidity-regulating properties absorb moisture from wet knives and keep it clean and free from mould.

Size: W60 (90) x D150 x H260 (internal dimensions W35 x D140 x H250)
Weight: 250 g

Features and benefits of paulownia wood
Paulownia wood has a luxurious feel and excellent functionality and has a small air layer compared to other woods, which protects it from heat.
Also, it contains many ingredients called tannin, sesamin and paulonin which are disliked by insects, so it has insect repellent properties and protects the food inside from pests.
In addition, it has a moderate humidity-regulating property, which protects against humidity in summer and dryness in winter and suppresses the formation of winter.
This is because the small air layer of paulownia wood stores moisture and expands, and when it dries out, it expels the moisture and loosens, which acts on the expansion and contraction of the lid and body, naturally adjusting the airtightness.

KEI (Kyosashimono New Tradition Project)
KEI is a brand that evolved the traditional Kyoto craft of 'Kyo-sashimono' to suit modern life and culture.
When a daughter was born, it was customary to plant paulownia trees in the garden and to make a paulownia chest as a wedding gift for the bride.The project started with the theme of new bride's tools for the modern age, when the custom of chests of drawers is disappearing.
UMENODESIGN directed the project and developed it into a production with a focus on Kyo-Sashimono, all of which are carefully finished by hand by craftsmen.
Paulownia wood has been used since ancient times as storage furniture because of its excellent resistance to moisture, fire, airtightness and insects and is famous as the lightest wood in Japan.
KEI will continue to promote the possibilities of Kyo-Sashimono, which has been enjoyed for a long time.

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