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Japanese fern brooms | Fukami Sangyou '深海産業', Wakayama, Japan

Japanese fern brooms | Fukami Sangyou '深海産業', Wakayama, Japan

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It has a strong firmness and is suitable for cleaning outside areas.
Please pick up one of our domestic fern brooms, each of which is handmade for ease of sweeping.

Size: H123cm x W25cm

Hang and store in a shady, well-ventilated place.
Exposure to direct sunlight may cause the bamboo to split.
If the tips spread out, wet the tips with water and tie them with your string to restore them to their original shape.

Fukamisanngyou ’深海産業’
We have been involved in greening materials for more than 70 years, since we started and established the production of hemp palm rope around 1950.
We carefully and wholeheartedly produce each and every one of our products so that our pride and joy can continue to accompany our customers' lives and be used for many years to come.
Please take a look at this new craft that is spreading its wings around the world.

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