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Incense sticks (線香) | Japan's oldest incense manufacturer Kungyokudo (薫玉堂)

Incense sticks (線香) | Japan's oldest incense manufacturer Kungyokudo (薫玉堂)

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Kungyokudo incense fragrance

While keeping the tradition as a long-established incense company in Kyoto, Kungyokudo '薫玉堂' aims to keep proposing the new concept of the scent which will fit well in the present lifestyle. Their beautifully crafted incense sticks are made with local organic ingredients. With a wide range of available scents, we're sure you'll find your favourites. If you're unsure about committing to a specific scent, no worries—try their Incense Assortment.

Nostalgic Tokyo '丸の內 1933'
The town of Marunouchi is lined with historic buildings even to this day. A sophisticated incense like the wind that blows through this city where the past meets the present.

Kyoto Kungyokudo store '堺町101'
An incense stick that fuses the incense floating in front of the gate of the Nishi Honganji temple.

Waterfalls in Otowa '音羽の滝'
Scent inspired by the clear streams that spring from Mt. Otowa in the Higashiyama mountain range. A sandalwood incense that will soothe the soul in summer and provides warmth in winter.

Astragalus in Miyama '美山のレンゲ'
Miyama is a village surrounded by lush forests and clear streams.
A sweet and sour incense that is inspired by lovely lotus flower fields covered by a misty sky.

Uji Matcha'宇治の抹茶'
Enjoy Uji’s tea plantations with beautiful furrows woven by tea plants.
A soothing incense with the sweetness and richness of matcha.

Lotus in Mimuroto '三室户の蓮'
A graceful lotus flower that blooms elegantly on a summer morning.
A gentle and clean incense reminiscent of opening the palm of your hand toward the heavens.

Cherry Blossoms in Daigo '醍醐の桜'
Inspired by the wonder of cherry blossoms blooming one after another on branches of cherry blossom trees. A gentle fragrance giving the feeling of being showered by falling cherry blossoms.

Rose Plum in Kitano '北野の紅梅'
A fresh scent that gives you an illusion that spring is around the corner.

Roses in Kitayama '北山のバラ'
This incense evokes visions of a garden of roses blooming with morning dew on velvet-like petals.

Cosmos in Ohara '大原のコスモス'
A sweet incense inspired by cosmos swaying gently in the wind in the soft autumn light of Ohara no Sato.

Lavender in Yase '八瀨の薰衣草'
This is a calming fragrance that feels like wandering through a field of lavender at Yase on a warn summer's afternoon. Burn this incense at home to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. 

Maiko in Gion '祇園の舞伎'
A sweet incense that reminds us of the youthful and extravagant kimono sleeves of Maiko (apprentice geisha).

Yokohama 1872 '横浜1872'
Inspired by Yokohama when the steam railway opened. A nostalgic and refreshing incense of an exotic port town. 

Shinsaibashi 1622 '心斎橋1622'
A nourishing adult fragrance inspired by rows of ginkgo trees in Shinsaibashi. A mature incense with spiciness and tranquility.

Moss in Matsuo '松尾の苔'
A garden of tranquility, where even a single drop of rain stains the garden a deep green. It is the damp, warm earthy scent of smooth moss reminiscent of a green velvet carpet. 

Phoenix Wisteria '鳳凰の藤'
Wisteria flowers bloom in profusion, overlapping the elegant tail feathers of the phoenix. The fragrance of the wisteria is floral and delicate, which travels past the lake in the fragrant breeze.

Sal Tree in Flower Garden '花園の沙羅'
The Sal Tree, which blooms in the morning and falls in the evening, is loved for its transience. It has a gentle, pure fragrance with flowery colours that disappear in the wind.

Size: 13.5cm
Quantity: 58 sticks
Burning Time: Approx. 25 mins per stick / total burn time 1,450 mins

Kungyokudo '薫玉堂' is Japan’s oldest incense manufacturer, established 1594. Their beautifully crafted incense sticks are made with local organic ingredients. Simply Native is proud to be the exclusive stockist in Australia, thanks to the close connection between the owner, Yukino, and Kungyokudo.

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