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Hana-kessho Mushroom Incense Burner | KUMAGAI

Hana-kessho Mushroom Incense Burner | KUMAGAI

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COUNTLESS - The number of trials to finally find the perfect diameters of bottom air holes.

Introducing the new and adorably cute mushroom-shaped incense burner by Kumagai (since 1935). Delightfully known as “kinoko”, it is decorated using Hana-kessho, a specialised flower crystallization technique. The mushroom dome safely encases the incense, while allowing the aromatic scent to flow through the top hole, making it a beautiful little creation for you to use at home.

Kumagai '熊谷' is a long-established pottery wholesaler in Kyoto and a good friend of Simply Native owner Yukino. Simply Native also respects Kumagai for their indefatigable support of their craftsmen to continue the pottery making in Kyoto. The warm and caring personality of Kumagai owner, Takayoshi Kumagai, is also the reason why eKumagai is loved and supported by many.
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