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Asemi Co. Cup (L)

Asemi Co. Cup (L)

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All cups are handmade by an individual artisan. 

Hasami-yaki '波佐見焼'
Hasami cups are premium porcelain cups, made & hand glazed in Hasami, Nagasaki, Japan. The bottom of the cups if left free of any glaze, so you get the amazingly smooth haptic of raw porcelain. 

Tokoname-yaki '常滑焼'
The perfect companion to any of the more colourful Asemi cups. The Asemi Co. Tokoname series presents handmade cups, featuring coloured clay and a matte surface. 
Asemi Co. Tokoname-yaki cups are made in the Tokoname region in Japan, which is known for its quality pottery making history, reaching back over 800 years.

Soma-yaki '相馬焼'
Ōbori Soma-yaki is an over 400-year-old pottery style from Fukushima, Japan, famous for its distinctive cracked glaze.
In 2011 the birthplace of Soma-yaki got destroyed by a tsunami and our artisan has since moved to start anew, keeping this stunning and unique pottery style alive.

Kasama-yaki '笠間焼'
Kasama-yaki is made in Kasama, Ibaraki prefecture. Kasama-yaki has its roots in the 18th century and grew to be one of the biggest pottery producing regions in the Kanto area. Today, about 300 kilns are active and produce a variety of styles and materials.

Matsushiro-yaki '松代焼'
Matsushiro-yaki is a centuries-old Japanese pottery technique that originated in the Matsushiro area, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. It is characterised by a blue-green glaze that flows dynamically over the piece.

Size: D 7cm x H 10cm
Capacity: 230ml
Dishwasher & Microwave safe.

Asemi Co. is the brainchild of designers and long time friends Yuki & Lars.
Always being fascinated by traditional craftsmanship, they got together in 2015 to start the intercontinental endeavour that is now Asemi Co.
Their mission is to preserve local traditional craftsmanship by combining various crafts with contemporary design and presenting it to a worldwide audience.

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