Kumiko Panels

Kumiko is a Japanese woodwork technique that dates back to the 8th century. Having developed over a long period of time, kumiko is now a sophisticated technique of arranging wooden pieces in geometric patterns without nails. The result is a stunning wooden lattice.

Simply Native’s kumiko panels are assembled by hand with an accuracy of 0.1mm. Despite its delicate appearance, these panels are sturdy and durable. They are constructive from Japanese Hinoki cypress by award-winning artisans in Japan.

Original patterns, custom sizes, and the addition of shoji paper can be made upon request.

Contact us about your space.

  • Usage

    Partition / Wall decoration / Celling lattice / Sliding door / Part of furniture or door

    Recommended for indoor use

  • Size (mm)

    Standard sizes: W300 x D300 x T16/30 - W1200 x D2400 x T16/30


    The maximum size that can be produced:
    W1200 x H2400 (mm)

  • Material

    Japanese Hinoki cypress

  • Indicative Lead-time

    4-5 weeks for production

    + 4 days for air-freight delivery / 5 weeks for ocean-freight delivery

  • Customization

    Custom size

    Custom design

    Waron shoji paper lining

  • Sample Availability

    Samples available at the Surry Hills shopfront

  • Price

    Contacut us for details

  • Additional Information

    Japanese shoji paper: $438 + fee of papering the shoji screen 〜

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How to Order

Step 1

What do you need Kumiko panel for?

It can be used to partition spaces, decorate walls, decorate ceilings, and cover lighting.

By using Kumiko and glass together, both the insulation and decoration are enhanced.

In addition, it can also protect your personal privacy by attaching a sheet of paper to one side of the Kumiko.

It can be used in a wide variety of ways to enchance commercial facilities, homes and offices.

Sliding Door Components
It is a part for sliding door (the panel, without the main frame of the fittings).

If you want to use it as a sliding door, you need to have a fittings supplier attach a frame with a pull handle and a door head.

*This product does not include the frame for the sliding door.

Furniture and Door Components
Since it is an assembly molding that does not use nails, it can be cut like a plate material. It can be used as various interior materials.

Tanihata’s Kumiko can be used for various furniture parts and surface materials such as furniture, counters, and store fixtures.

Celling Lattice
Tanihata Kumiko, which go well with lighting, can be used as part of a luminous ceiling.

The light pouring down from the delicate Kumiko creates an elegant and flowery space.

Step 2

Contact us about your needs

Please let us know the detail below:

1) Purpose of Kumiko Panel
2) Size
3) Design
4) Where should the panel be shipped to?
5) By when would you like to receive it?
6) *Company details (company name, ABN number, contact number etc.)

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Please note

Kumiko panel is custom-made, so it takes about 4-5 weeks to produce after you order it.

You pay 50% of the total fee upfront, and the remaining has to be made before the panel ships from Japan.

Once you place an order, we cannot accept any change of design or modifications due to its being custom-made.