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Wooden Tray | Ichikawa Woodworks

Wooden Tray | Ichikawa Woodworks

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This charming cloud and flower shaped tray will add joy and elegance to your daily table settings. The material features the radiant grain of Japanese ash (Tamo), a wood commonly used in traditional crafts. These wooden trays are perfect not only for showcasing meals, desserts, and drinks but also as a versatile piece for displaying flowers or seasonal decorations, enhancing various scenes.
You have the option to select from three distinctive patterns: Natural - which showcases the magnificent patterns of Tamo; Iron - dyed with an iron mordant to achieve a rich dark brown hue; and Indigo - dyed with traditional indigo dye, also known as 'Japan Blue', featuring a radiant dark blue colour.

Material: Japanese ash tree

Cloud wooden tray
Size: L 21cm x W 30cm × H 2cm 

Flower wooden tray
Size: L 20cm × W 20cm × H 2cm 

NOT Dishwasher & Microwave safe

Ichikawa Woodwork '市川木工', based in Shizuoka, is a woodworking company specialising in planning, developing, and manufacturing various wood products. With a history spanning generations, the company has evolved from crafting traditional furniture to producing standalone furniture items, kitchens, and large storage furniture for home construction and renovations, as well as store displays and shelvings. Led by representative director, Kazunori Ichikawa, they continue to focus on wood-related product manufacturing and development.

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