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Wooden Coaster | Ichikawa Woodworks

Wooden Coaster | Ichikawa Woodworks

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Ichikawa Woodwork carefully layered split materials on a thin board to create a square tea coaster with characteristic curved edges. Enjoy the natural colors and textures of each wood in this striped tea coaster.

Size: 9.5 x 9.5 cm

Artisan Ichikawa Woodwork
Ichikawa Woodwork is a woodworking company based in the furniture production hub of Shizuoka. They specialize in the planning, development, and manufacturing of various woodworking products across different genres. From standalone furniture items like tables and chests to the production of kitchens and large storage furniture for home construction and renovations, store fixture manufacturing, creation of original products and OEM production for shops and companies, to woodworking for audio equipment components— we are engaged in the manufacturing and development of various wood-related products.

History of Ichikawa Woodworks

Representative Director: Kazunori Ichikawa

1st Generation: Active as a joiner crafting traditional furniture.

2nd Generation: Expanded into sideboard production and established as a manufacturer of traditional Japanese tea shelves.

3rd Generation: Started the production of custom-made furniture. Currently, we are involved in the production of a variety of wooden products, focusing on custom-made residential furniture, store fixtures, furniture remodeling, miscellaneous goods, and OEM production.

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