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Wine glass

Wine glass

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aims to be a craftsman's workshop that can continue to take on new challenges without becoming complacent.
Since its establishment about 70 years ago in Kiso-Hirasawa, a small town along the old Nakasendo highway surrounded by deep forests, Maruyoshi-Kosaka Lacquerware Shop has always been engaged in the business of lacquer.
In a small workshop in town lacquerware craftsmen face their work with sincerity and continue to work diligently every day.
The nature of this Kiso lacquerware production area, the clean air, the beauty of the four seasons, and the harshness of the weather all contribute to the beauty of this place. While continuing to feel the beauty and harshness of the four seasons and whilst learning and passing on the traditions, they also keep in mind the users of today's products.

Wine glass:
The combination of the slender, soft and beautifully proportioned glass and the lacquer gives the wine glass a sense of elegance.

Dimensions: caliber 8 cm / height 22 cm / capacity 45ccm
Type of surface coating: lacquer baking paint
This product is handcrafted.
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