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White Moon Plate | Rokubei-Gama

White Moon Plate | Rokubei-Gama

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This beautiful white-coloured plate is reminiscent of a white half-moon. When you place sweets or an à la carte meal on this plate, it transforms into a work of art. The blank space created by placing sweets and food on the plate enhances the beauty of both the food and the porcelain. This delicate glaze and the materials used are unique to Rokubei-Gama. The combination of the historic Kiyomizu-yaki '清水焼' technique and a design that complements any contemporary cuisine will captivate many.

Size: D 17cm x H 1cm
Weight: 170g

・Microwave safe (except for gold and silver-plated items), but not for use on an open fire or in an oven.
・The product can be washed in a dishwasher (except for gold or silver-plated products), but please do not use a hard metal scrub brush.

As a Kyoto pottery family with over 250 years of history, Rokubei-Gama '六兵衛窯' has always developed works according to the needs of the current era. They now create various kinds of tableware that complement a wide range of cuisines. In addition to shaping clay with potter's wheels, their craftspeople are particularly skilled at using moulds. Furthermore, their active research into glazes means they have a wide repertoire of colours for customers to choose from.

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