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Watercolour Gradient Scarf | Fabori

Watercolour Gradient Scarf | Fabori

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This scarf is made from 100% cotton, using a yarn that's less than half the thickness of regular thread. Its incredibly lightweight and silky-smooth texture will captivate you. It adds a touch of style and warmth to your neck. Weaving with this delicate yarn requires special craftsmanship, resulting in a scarf with a texture that feels almost like silk. It makes for an excellent gift choice!

Material: Cotton
Size: W 85cm x L 180cm

The artisan, Fabori has been making scarves since 1968. The company began by producing fabrics in the Banshu region of Hyogo Prefecture, known for its textile industry. Banshu encompasses the city of Nishiwaki and its surrounding areas, specialising in yarn-dyed textiles, primarily with cotton materials.

Yarn-dyeing, or "sakizome," is a technique that involves dyeing the thread before weaving it into intricate patterns. This approach has a history spanning over 200 years. Many people are drawn to the delicate watercolour-like hues that sakizome creates.

In an era where mass-produced items dominate the market, Fabori is dedicated to preserving the historical art of sakizome and ensuring its legacy continues into the future. The unique craftsmanship and commitment to tradition are what set Fabori apart from the rest.

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