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Warlon Shoji Paper

Warlon Shoji Paper

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What is Japanese shoji paper?
Shoji paper '障子' is a traditional type of paper used in Japan for sliding doors and windows. It is made from washi, a type of thin and strong paper produced from the fibers of the mulberry or kozo plant.
Shoji paper is known for its translucency, durability, and versatility, and it is often used in traditional Japanese architecture to divide rooms and provide natural light.
Shoji paper is often used in conjunction with wooden frames and lattice work to create shoji screens.

Item's detail                                                                   Strong and beautiful shoji paper laminated with Japanese paper on both sides of PET resin.

Size: 9.3cm x 24.4cm
Thickness: 0.2cm

Highly impact-resistant, making it suitable for children's mischief prevention.

Bursting strength is 1489kPa (average value).
The texture and whiteness of the beautiful Japanese paper creates a bright room.High durability reduces the time and effort required for reupholstering.
The surface coating prevents fluffing of the washi paper due to rubbing.

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