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Urushi Lacquer Panel | Isuke Shoten

Urushi Lacquer Panel | Isuke Shoten

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Urushi lacquer has been used in Japan for thousands of years to decorate and protect a wide range of objects, including furniture, tableware, and musical instruments.
The process of applying urushi involves multiple layers of lacquer, each of which must be allowed to dry and harden before the next layer can be applied.
This process can take several months to complete.
Urushi lacquer is prized for its unique luster and the depth of its color.
It is also highly resistant to water and heat, and can protect objects from scratches and other forms of damage.

Size: 24cm x 24cm

Artisan Isuke Shoten '井助商店’

since late Edo period

Hidden fact
Japanese lacquerware is one of the most famous traditional crafts in Japan -- it is even sometimes called "Japan" in English.

Why Simply Native Chose?
The company has produced the natural material of lacquerware -- such as purified lacquer and lacquerware -- for more than 180 years.
Nowadays they have gained wide popularity in the market.

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