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Tsubu Tsubu Yuzu Syrup | Kitagawa Village Yuzu Kingdom

Tsubu Tsubu Yuzu Syrup | Kitagawa Village Yuzu Kingdom

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Yuzu is a Japanese herb that aids in regulating digestive health, warming the body, and recovering from fatigue.

There are multiple ways to enjoy the 'Tsubu-Tsubu (Pulpy)' texture of this Yuzu syrup! Yuzu tea made with this syrup can be served as iced tea or hot tea. Especially in summer, mixing it with sparkling water makes a refreshing drink! For adults, mixing it with some 'Shochu (Japanese vodka)' and hot water or sparkling water of your choice creates a delightful 'Yuzu Sake' to enjoy at home.

It can also be used for baking, or adding it to yoghurt or ice cream is a nice way to enjoy this Tsubu Tsubu Yuzu syrup!

Net Weight: 480g
Contains: Yuzu, honey, sugar, pectin, glucose syrup, ascorbic acid

Kitagawa Village Yuzu Kingdom is engaged in producing food products using yuzu, a specialty of Kochi Prefecture. Although a young company established only 16 years ago, it is working hand in hand with local yuzu farmers to spread the benefits of yuzu to as many people as possible. Now exporting to 19 European countries as well as the United States, Hong Kong, and Australia, they are helping to raise the profile of yuzu. They also rent yuzu orchards that the farmers can no longer manage due to aging or lack of successors and cultivate yuzu. By integrating the entire process from cultivation to production, they are able to deliver products that are filled with love for yuzu!

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