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Traditional TSUGUKIT (Kintsugi set)

Traditional TSUGUKIT (Kintsugi set)

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Repair your precious broken vessels with Kintsugi!

Kintsugi'金継ぎ’ is a traditional Japanese technique of repairing broken pottery using natural materials such as lacquer.
By using natural materials such as lacquer to repair broken pieces of pottery, Kintsugi allows us to make the most of the cracks, chips and fissures in the pottery, making it a more artistic and lovable object that can be used for many years to come.
It is also said that Kintsugi has a healing effect on our wounded hearts as well as fixing things.
You can experience Japanese traditional kintsugi method at home by yourself. While traditional kintsugi takes time and effort, the sense of accomplishment you get upon completion is exquisitely rewarding.
Food-safe, made of natural ingredients

Raw urushi: 30g, wood/polishing powder: approx. 8ml, black/bengal red powder: approx. 3ml, fine-point brush, plastic spatula, bamboo spatula, pallet, dropper, waterproof sandpaper, sandpaper, 0.3g genuine gold powder,0.5g silver powder, 2 silk balls, masking tape, a pair of rubber gloves (Japanese M size), kintsugi manual

How to use the kit


Tsugu Tsugu Inc.
With Kintsugi at the core of our business, we aim to create a sustainable society that values goods in this age of mass production and mass consumption by offering a variety of services that connect people who want to repair broken vessels with those who want to repair vessels and those who want to try Kintsugi.We also aim to increase the number of opportunities for those who are involved in traditional Japanese crafts, which are decreasing year by year, and to involve the younger generation in order to increase their interest in traditional Japanese culture and handicrafts.

Why We Choose?
At Simply Native, many of our customers have asked us for a "Kintsugi set". So we decided to stock the most chosen kintsugi set in Japan, the "Tsugu Tsugu" Hon-kintsugi set.
Because Hon-Kintsugi uses genuine Urushi natural lacquer to glue broken pieces, you can use the repaired vessel as tableware to put food.
If you would like to attend a Kintsugi workshop in Sydney, we recommend our friend Art Kintsugi artist, Yoko.
(She uses her own kit)

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