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Toy: FAVA Four Seasons | BY: Mastro Geppetto

Toy: FAVA Four Seasons | BY: Mastro Geppetto

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FAVA means "bean" in Italian. The rattle is designed with three beans in a tassel.
The rattle is made by cutting a thick sheet of wood in half, hollowing out the top and bottom parts in the same way, and then gluing the paired parts together using a press.
This not only gives the wood a beautiful grain appearance, but also minimises shrinkage caused by temperature and humidity, which is peculiar to wood, and prevents breakdowns.
In polishing, the file is sanded three times at different roughnesses to give it a very gentle feel.

Made in Japan

Size: 11.5cm x 4.2cm x 2 cm. 

Suitable for ages: from 3 months.


Mastro Geppetto

Toys are the first 'tools' a child gets after birth.
It becomes an object that the baby experiences before he or she is aware of its design and colours.
The object should be a product with a clear vision and beauty.
We want wooden toys, especially babies' first toys, to feel secure, so we designed them to be easy to grip like parents' fingers, with warm materials and gentle shapes.

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