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The finest Uji Matcha Candy from Kyoto

The finest Uji Matcha Candy from Kyoto

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The finest Uji matcha powder is kneaded into the candy dough to the limit, and the centre of the candy ball is covered with matcha powder.
The surface is then coated with matcha powder to create a three-layer structure.
In addition, the packaging is carefully selected, making it a true gem of a high-class matcha candy.
Enjoy the rich matcha candy!

Contents: 80g


Iwai Seika’岩井製菓’

Iwai Seika has been in business since 1964.

Iwai Seika's Kyo-ame '京飴' is made in a small candy factory in Uji, using an old-styled pot over a long period of time, boiling it over an open fire and carefully crafting each piece of candy with expert skills. 
The candy is different from the candy made in automated factories in that it makes the best use of the ingredients.
Kyo-ame ’京飴'has become a 'Kyoto gem' over the ages, and we will continue to protect it with traditional techniques.

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