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Temari-balls Glasses Strap | Triple O, Japan

Temari-balls Glasses Strap | Triple O, Japan

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The first feature is its light weight of 6ℊ.
It does not become a burden even when worn for long periods of time and is recommended for people who spend a lot of time at work or are concerned about stiff shoulders.
All parts that come into contact with the skin are made of thread, so people with metal allergies or sensitive skin can use it.
These glass cords are not ornately decorated, but are items that aim for a simple design that will accompany you in your daily life.
Therefore, they are useful in a variety of situations, from home time to outdoor activities, such as reading glasses, computer glasses and sunglasses.

Length: 70 cm

Triple O
The company has been involved in the textile industry for 140 years since 1877. The company has embroidered a wide range of brands, from Japanese to Western clothing and ornaments.
Triple O not only express a new form of embroidery, but also work to create products that transcend the concept of accessories.

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