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Stackable Mug | ZUIKOUGAMA 瑞光窯

Stackable Mug | ZUIKOUGAMA 瑞光窯

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Perfect size and easy-to-use shape!

The aim was to create a mug that is the ultimate in design and functionality. The mugs can be stacked and stored compactly without losing their beautiful appearance.

The 200 ml (full water capacity 250 ml) is the perfect size, neither too big nor too small. The slightly outwardly curved mouthpiece and easy-to-hold handle provide an excellent fit.

Turquoise blue glaze:
The turquoise blue glaze, developed by ZUIKOGAMA over many years, is characterised by a deep texture due to the uneven colouring of the glaze and shimmering crystals in places. Even a simple serving dish looks as beautiful as a painting and is sure to become one of your favourite items.

The turquoise blue glaze absorbs oil relatively easily.
The more you use it, the more the colour will settle and the more it will change to a vintage look. If you are concerned about partial stains, use kitchen paper to spread the oil over the entire surface of the vase, then wash and dry thoroughly.

Pearl glaze / Bronze glaze:

The pearl glaze has beautiful crystals that shimmer like pearls, while the bronze glaze has the ruggedness of an antique piece. To obtain the beautiful colours, even the position of the vessels in the kiln is carefully considered.

Size: D 8 x H 6 cm
Weight: 140 g

Handling: Microwave◯ / Dishwasher△ / OvenX

Please read the following before ordering:

There are cases where pinholes (like air bubbles) can be seen on the surface. Please note that this is a characteristic of the production process.

As ceramics are handmade using natural raw materials, there may be individual differences in colouration (uneven colouring and crystals due to the shading of the glaze). Colours and sizes may also differ slightly from those in the catalogue.

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