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Simply Native Japan

Square L Clock | Momentum Factory Orii

Square L Clock | Momentum Factory Orii

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This square wall clock evokes a modern yet nostalgic atmosphere, creating a unique ambience in your space. The dyeing technique, reminiscent of the deep blue sea, employs traditional Takaoka copperware methods to control chemicals and flames, resulting in vibrant colors. 

Size: W 33cm x L 25cm x T 3cm
Weight: 1kg
Material: Copper

Momentum Factory Orii is a metal colouring expert, using the traditional technique of Takaoka copperware (You may be familiar from a giant copper Buddha statue) to oxidise the surface of copper and brass into beautiful vibrant colours. Since their establishment in 1950, their company has maintained a tradition of crafting works using traditional Takaoka copperware techniques in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. Their pieces, which seamlessly blend nostalgic with modernity, evoking the timeless beauty of Japanese 'wabi-sabi' aesthetic.

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