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Soup cup by 瑞光窯 ZUIKOUGAMA

Soup cup by 瑞光窯 ZUIKOUGAMA

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This is a beautifully shaped soup cup, designed with attention to detail through the outstanding handwork of artisans.

Turquoise Blue -

The turquoise blue glaze developed by ZUIKOUGAMA over many years has a deep texture due to the unevenness of the colour of the glaze and is characterised by sparkling crystals in places. Even a simple serving dish looks as beautiful as a painting, and is sure to become one of your favourite items.

Turquoise blue glaze is a glaze that absorbs oil relatively easily.

The more you use it, the more the colour will calm down and the more it will take on the appearance of a vintage piece.


Bronze -

Bronze-glazed bowls with the rugged appeal of antique products can be used not only as soup cups but also as salad, pasta, and stewing bowls.

Pearl -

This is a soup cup with a beautiful form that has been meticulously designed by the outstanding handwork of artisans. The unique view created by the pearl glaze gives elegant and simplicity.

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