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Soba-choko 蕎麦猪口

Soba-choko 蕎麦猪口

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The condiment dish can be used as a lid, and both the soba choko and the condiment dish can be stacked together.

Soba Choko: φ8.4 × 6.2

Capacity: Approximately 200cc

Condiment Dish: φ8.5 × 2.4

Microwave & dishwasher safe

Artisan - Souzyu-en

Established in 1953, Souzyu-en Pottery Studio crafts around 300 types of original products with a focus on teacups.

Their artwork includes hand-painted designs as well as rare screen-printed illustrations, a technique that has become uncommon in other kilns but is still actively used by Souzyu-en.

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