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Simply Native Japan

Simply Native Original Tea

Simply Native Original Tea

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Together with trusted tea farmers in Japan, we have crafted the perfect tea that you'll want to savor every day.
Tea’茶’ holds a significant place in Japanese culture, influencing various aspects of life. In essence, tea is not just a beverage; it's a reflection of harmony, mindfulness, and a deep connection to nature and community.
Each tea comes with instructions to brew the perfect cup of tea!

Buddha Tea
Caffeine-free herbal tea made from fermented Hydrangea. Naturally sweet and floral tea as a dessert tea. Traditionally consumed during ceremonies celebrating Buddha's birthday.

Hokkaido Sobacha
Buckwheat tea is caffeine-free, and naturally contains vitamin Bs, fiber and flavonoids.
Health benefits include regulate digestive health; improves circulation and boost immunity.

Tea leaves are roasted under intense temperature to produce tea that is vibrant golden brown in colour with a nutty smoky flavour.

Fukamushi Sencha
Japanese green tea that has been steamed for a longer period of time to provide tea that is deeper in colour with more mellow less astringent taste.

Traditional Japanaese green tea with toasted brown rice. Known for its low caffeine content, it is widely consumed in Japan as a daily beverage. Matcha has been added to provide extra aroma, flavour and health benefits.

Grown in a semi-shaded environment, Gyokuro is known for its deep, rich, sweet aromatic flavours.

Kuromoji Tea
Caffeine-free Japanese herbal tea that helps balance the stomach, aids in fatigue recovery, and reduces throat inflammation.

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