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Simply Native

Simply Native Original 'Kumi-ame' Candy - Australian Icons

Simply Native Original 'Kumi-ame' Candy - Australian Icons

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To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Sydney flagship store, Simply Native created the 'kumi-ame' candy to show our love for both Australian and Japanese cultures. 

The key message behind is natural beauty of Australia and human kindness that we cherishes here in Sydney. 

We selected five designs that embody Australia and worked with candy-making artisan in Japan to make them in tasty candies.  

Australian Icon & Flavour

Cockatoo - Peach

Coming from Japan, we were struck by the variety of birds. This design reflects the harmonious mix of nature and city life here in Sydney. Cockatoo is also Yuki, the store manager's, favourite bird.

Aboriginal Art - Grape

The presence of the indigenous people is integral to Australia. This design features the sun, a vital natural element for the Aboriginal people, and us as well.

Koala - Matcha & Milk

When you think of Australia, the koala is the first animal that comes to mind. The green border, inspired by bamboo leaves, is a popular matcha flavour.

Latte art - Coffee

Australia celebrates a rich café culture. Friendly conversations and quality time with someone we love over a latte.

Diversity - Yuzu

Australia is known for its diverse population and inclusive spirit. The message "No worries" reflects this national characteristic. The vibrant colours symbolise diversity.


10 candies

*Please be aware that the hardness of the candy may pose a chocking risk. Please consume the candy one at a time and carefully. Supervise children under six years of age who consume the candies.

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