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Sashimi Knife (carbon steel) 240mm

Sashimi Knife (carbon steel) 240mm

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What is a Sashimi knife?
A sashimi knife is one of the staple Japanese kitchen knives. It is used to cut raw fish and shellfish into thin slices for sashimi and other appropriate dishes.
Stainless steel is rust and odor resistant. Although the sharpness of the blade deteriorates more quickly than steel, the rust resistance makes it ideal for infrequent household use because it is relatively easy to handle and does not require immense care.
Carbon Steel has an excellent sharpness. Steel knives are hardened and beaten to make them more dense, so it can be said that they are definitely strong knives. It is a material that requires frequent maintenance, but it is recommended for those who value sharp knives.

How to choose the size of the blade
Basically, the size of the blade should be chosen according to the size of the food to be cut.

Length of the blade:24cm
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