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Round Tray | ALART

Round Tray | ALART

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The beauty of the curves asserts its presence.
Material and form.
The inorganic material accentuates the expression of organic objects.

L 215*175*70mm
LL 285*220*80mm

Material Body: aluminium

Contents: ROUNDTORAY 1 piece

Why we choose?
Aluminium is a metal that was first created in 1886 with the invention of the smelting process.
Compared to iron and copper, aluminum has a short history among metals.
However, its applications have been expanding rapidly, and its range of use is expected to grow further in the future as the growing industry calls for weight reduction and environmental friendliness.

The ALART brand was created in a factory founded in 1947.
Unique ideas that break away from stereotypes.
Designs that enhance the creativity of the user.
With the concept of creative manufacturing, we express the possibilities of materials in a variety of ways.

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