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Rin-furin (Wind Chime) | Yamaguchi Kyujo

Rin-furin (Wind Chime) | Yamaguchi Kyujo

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The clean, resonant, and gentle sound of the wind chime provides refreshing relief from the summer heat. Crafted from water-resistant warlon paper, the strips reveal a subtle, watermarked pattern resembling the spread of sound when held up to light.

Available in gold or silver, these wind bells add both aesthetic and auditory charm to any space.

Material: copper alloy, warlon paper
D 4.6cm × H 2.5cm

L 20cm x W 40cm 

Sound of Rin-furin

The Kyujo Orin series is crafted by Kyujo Yamaguchi '山口久乗', a renowned company in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, with over a century of experience in the Buddhist altar industry. They create a diverse range of new ornaments, aiming to integrate the sound of the orin into modern daily life beyond its traditional use in altar fittings.

Yamaguchi Kyujo's orin emits a sound known as "1/f fluctuation," inducing alpha brain waves that promote comfort and well-being. Traditionally used in Buddhist rituals, the orin's sound purifies spaces and wards off evil spirits. Analysis by Japan Acoustic Lab confirms its healing properties, promoting balance and peace of mind when rung.

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