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Precious Salt from Amami 奄美

Precious Salt from Amami 奄美

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This salt is made in Amami Island that Yukino, Simply Native's owner, was born and raised.
The raw material is seawater and the fuel is driftwood.
The elderly and women of the village are actively employed to pack the salt into bags and give it back to the local people.
The village-wide effort to produce Uchitahara '打田原' salt has now spread as a representative of Amami Oshima's tasty salt.
The impetus came from the burning of driftwood rubbish that had washed up on Uchitabara beach.
When Mr. Wada returned to his hometown of Uchidahara after many years of teaching in Osaka, the first thing he saw was a large amount of driftwood that had accumulated on the beach.
In an effort to restore the emerald blue sea and white sandy beaches, he embarked on a volunteer project to collect and burn the rubbish and was suddenly reminded of the salt-making work he had helped with as a yout

Contents: 150g

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