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Petit Knife

Petit Knife

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Petit knives are smaller than normal knives, with a blade length of 9-15 cm. They are compact and easy to clean. It also takes up very little space.

It can be used to remove shoots from potatoes, peel fruit and vegetables, bevel pumpkins and carrots.

In the year 1208 the Emperor Gotoba gave permission to his swordsmith Norimune to stamp the blade of each sword with the imperial Chrysanthemum-crest. Norimune then engraved the number 1 below the crest. Thus the name Kikuichi-monji, Chrysanthemum One, was created.
In 1876, when samurai were banned from carrying swords, Kikuichi-monji added a horse’s mouthpiece (kutuwa) logo above its name and started manufacturing cooking knives, carpentry tools, gardening knives, and other related products.
Using the superb sword-making technique passed down through generations in Kyoto, Kikuichi-monji pledges to produce high-quality cutlery.

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