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Oni Incense Holder & Tray Set | Rokubei-kiln '六兵衛窯'

Oni Incense Holder & Tray Set | Rokubei-kiln '六兵衛窯'

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Oni Incense Holder & Plate

Oni '鬼' is a term from Japanese folklore referring to a type of demon or ogre. They appear in various Japanese stories, legends and artwork. However, as represented by the 'oni-gawara' (demon roof tile), they also have been used since ancient times as a protector against evil. Despite its usual fearsome appearance, this incense holder has a charming expression and character that can't help but make you smile.

These Oni incense holders come with a small green plate. 

Size: L 5.5cm x W 3.5cm

Size: L 9cm x W 11cm x H 0.5cm

NOT Dishwasher & Microwave safe

Rokubei kiln '六兵衛窯' traces its origins back to the late Edo period (1771), when the first-generation Shimizu Rokubei established the kiln on Gojozaka in Kyoto. For over 250 years since then, each successive head of the family has produced works that reflect their individual characteristics while building upon the family tradition.

During the time of the sixth Rokubei, the company was formalised as Kiyoroku Toho Co., Ltd. (now Kiyoroku Co., Ltd.). Under the supervision of the eighth-generation Rokubei, the company continues to create products that align with contemporary lifestyles, ranging from traditional Kyoto-style ceramics to items such as tableware, flower vase, interior decor and tea ceramics.

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