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Ojami Cushion | Takaokaya

Ojami Cushion | Takaokaya

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Ojami cushion was developed under the theme of being fashionable and allowing people to sit comfortably on the floor for long periods of time.
It is excellent not only for sitting on the floor, but also for sitting on a chair as a backrest.
It can be used as a cushion for beds and sofas, and the diverse fabric variations are suitable for a variety of interiors.
The neat form, which cannot be reproduced by machine mass production, adds colour to everyday life.
In recent years, when more and more time is spent at home, SN would like to introduce the warmth of the Ojami Cushion, handmade one by one by craftsmen, to Australian customers to make that time more comfortable and relaxing.

S - φ35cm
M - φ40cm
L - φ43cm
*Ojami means 'Otedama (お手玉)' in Kansai reding in Japan.

Otedama is a traditional Japanese childrend's game whichi small bean bags are tossed and juggled in a game similar to jacks.
Although it is generally a social game, Otedama can also be played alone.
It is rarely competitive and often accompanied by singing.
Otedama play is thought to be in decline.

Establishment: since 1919 in Kyoto
Hidden Fact:
Unlike ordinary cushion, the Ojami cushion is hand-filled by craftsmen who devise a beautiful three-dimensional shape in order to form the unique form of the Otedama 'お手玉'.

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