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Simply Native Japan

Octagonal Chopsticks 5P

Octagonal Chopsticks 5P

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Chopsticks, which are called '箸' Hashi in Japanese, are the basic utensils that Japanese people eat. Chopsticks are used for Japanese meals instead of forks, knives, and spoons, which are used for eating Western food. In addition, there are also chopsticks that are used for cooking.
Simply Native has got many requests to bring chopsticks from Japan and decided to put them at our shop. '井助商店' Isuke sho-ten creates high-quality lacquerware and their products make our life more delightful. So we chose some chopsticks from their collections.

Made of natural wood
5 packs / 22.5cm

Isuke sho-ten '井助商店'
The company was founded about 190 years ago in Kyoto as a lacquer dealer dealing in lacquer itself.
Since then, we have been dealing with paints and other materials other than lacquer, as well as planning and selling lacquerware, making us experts in the field of lacquer and lacquerware.

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