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Nonosute Cotton Cushion Cover | Westy

Nonosute Cotton Cushion Cover | Westy

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Introducing our Vintage Japanese Pattern collection, inspired by a 120-year-old antique kimono pattern and brought to life with contemporary colours. These exquisite patterns originate from the former weaving workshop, 'Nonosuke-Shoten,' which operated from 1884 to 2002, producing premium linen textile known as Omi-Jofu in Aisho Town, Shiga. Recognising the cultural significance of these patterns, Westy Japan has revived a selection of them, printing them on cotton fabric in a contemporary palette.

Our collection features two patterns, each available in five colours:

  1. Hayate (颯): Inspired by the blowing winds, crafted from 100% Buckingham cotton fabric.
  2. Ryo (菱): Featuring the iconic diamond shape, crafted from 100% clear-striped cotton fabric.

This collection not only celebrates the rich heritage of traditional Japanese craftsmanship but also serves as a model for preserving cultural treasures when local businesses transition. The passion of the people at Westy Japan shines through in their dedication to preserving and continuing Japanese culture. Explore our collection today and bring a touch of timeless elegance to your home.

Size: W 45cm x L 45cm
Material: Cotton 100%
*Add the cushion insert for an additional $11.

For over half a century, the artisan, Westy has remained dedicated to crafting the perfect sleeping environment. As one of the few Japanese manufacturers of bedding textiles, we offer integrated in-house production, ensuring consistent service from planning to delivery. Situated in the Koto region of Shiga Prefecture, known for its thriving linen fabric industry since ancient times, we benefit from the abundance of nature, with clear freshwater from the Suzuka Mountains and moisture from Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake. In this natural oasis, we meticulously produce high-quality duvet covers and bedding with care.

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