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Ninshu Single Tea Cup

Ninshu Single Tea Cup

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Ninna-ji is the head temple of the Omuro school of the Shingon Sect of Buddhism. Located in western Kyoto, Japan, it was founded in AD 888 by the retired Emperor Uda. It is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From 888 to 1869 it was traditional for reigning Emperors to send a son to the temple to take over as head priest when a vacancy arose. Most of the surviving buildings date from the 17th century, and include a five-story pagoda and an orchard of late blooming dwarf cherry trees called the Omuro cherry trees that would grow to around 2–3 meters in height.

The “Omuro kiln” was opened in 1646 at the temple by Emperor Goyosei in the garden of the Omuro Imperial Palace. The first potter was Ninsei, also known as the founder of Kyoto ware.

It was customary for the first Omuro kiln owner, Jinsei, to put his inscription on the pottery. Genuine Ninshu work is stamped with his seal, which bears the history of the Omuro kiln, as p
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