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【Afternoon session is released on 1 June 11am】Nerikiri Wagashi Making Workshop by MinnieSweets

【Afternoon session is released on 1 June 11am】Nerikiri Wagashi Making Workshop by MinnieSweets

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Dive into the world of Japanese confectionery and create your own beautiful Nerikiri masterpieces to enjoy on the spot or take home. In this fun and unique hands-on class, you will learn about the key ingredients such as sweet bean paste (anko), how to use various tools, and techniques to create three stunning Nerikiri designs.

Minako, the artisan behind MinnieSweets, will demonstrate the art form of wagashi, giving you more ideas and inspiration. To complete the experience, attendees will enjoy a Nerikiri with ceremonial grade matcha served by Simply Native.

Note: In this class, we don't make the Nerikiri dough. Our sweets are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free, but please advise us of any allergies.

Ingredients: White bean, white sugar, glutinous rice flour, adzuki, yuzu juice, food colouring.

What is Nerikiri?

Nerikiri is a formal style of wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionery, made from sweet bean paste combined with mochi (glutinous rice). These delicate creations capture the essence of the seasons and moments. Often served at Japanese tea ceremonies, Nerikiri is designed to balance perfectly with matcha.

The Artisan: Nerikiri Creator, 'MinnieSweets'

Minako, the owner of MinniSweets, is dedicated to spreading the culture and charm of Japanese Nerikiri and wagashi through workshops and market stalls in Melbourne. This is her first workshop in Sydney, a collaboration with Simply Native, who promote traditional matcha in the area.

Knowledge required
This is a beginner-friendly workshop.
*Suitable for Ages 15 and Over.
Almost too beautiful to eat, Nerikiri is designed to engage all five senses. This experience is about balance and immersing yourself in the moment.

What you'll get
・Three Nerikiri creations by MinnieSweets
・Ceremonial grade Uji Matcha served by Simply Native

What to bring
Just bring yourself.

Shop 1/148 Goulburn Street Surry Hills NSW 2010

Cancellation Policy
*The booking fee is refundable if cancelled more than 2 weeks in advance.

*If you are unable to attend the class (or classes) booked, please contact us during business hours no later than 10 days prior to the class commencing.

*If the cancellation is within 10 days of the class date, you will need to find a replacement. If no replacement is available, you will forfeit your place and payment.

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