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雅一心 菜切 Nakiri Vegetable Knife 170(165)mm

雅一心 菜切 Nakiri Vegetable Knife 170(165)mm

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Seki city in Gifu, Japan is known as a Japan's best cutlery town.
The blade is made of special stainless steel, which ensures a long lasting sharpness. The sides of the blade are made of soft stainless steel and can be easily sharpened at home. The handle is made of natural rosewood.

A traditional Japanese kitchen knife with a thin, wide blade and a flat, rectangular tip, mainly used for chopping vegetables.
It is very easy to cut leafy vegetables such as shredded cabbage and lettuce with this knife. Although, whilst it is good for cutting vegetables, it is not good for cutting meat or fish. It is also not suitable for detailed knife work.

Material: Stainless Steel
Blade: 170mm

Sekinanetsugu '関兼次’ produces knives by mixing traditional skills, which it has inherited from the seven hundred-year-old traditional art of Japanese samurai sword making, with the latest advances in modern technology.
Through this process they can bring the sharpness of a Japanese samurai sword into the kitchen, allowing for unparalleled precision and ease of use that will suit any lifestyle.

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