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Nail clipper

Nail clipper

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Nail clipper:
It comes with a cover so nails won't go flying.

Size: Length 65mm / Blade width 13mm
Weight: 42g

In the year 1208 the Emperor Gotoba gave permission to his swordsmith, Norimune, to stamp the blade of each sword with the imperial Chrysanthemum-crest. Norimune then engraved the number 1 below the crest. Thus the name Kikuichi-monji, Chrysanthemum One, was created.

In 1876, when samurai were banned from carrying swords, Kikuichi-monji added a horse’s mouth (kutuwa) logo above its name and started manufacturing cooking knives, carpentry tools, gardening knives, and other related products in Kyoto.

Using the superb sword-making technique passed down through generations, Kikuichi-monji pledges to produce high-quality cutlery.

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