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Matcha incense stone starter set

Matcha incense stone starter set

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This luxurious '印香'(Inko) incense is made with a generous amount of Uji green tea.

The motifs are based on traditional Japanese lucky charms.

'印香' Inko is a type of incense that is not lit but heated to release its fragrance.

You can enjoy the scent of matcha for about an hour.

The incense burner can be used as an aroma stone by dropping your favourite aromatic oil and heating it by candlelight in the same way.

This incense contains no artificial flavourings and no natural flavourings other than Matcha.

Matcha green tea and matcha sweets are now enjoyed all over the world. Uji Matcha is one of the most popular matcha teas in Japan, and the incense sticks are made from it.
We invite you to take a moment out of your hurried day to relax and enjoy the soft fragrance.
No smoke, just the gentle warmth of the fragrance that will gently envelop your tired mind and body.


◼️5 pieces of incense (lucky charm) (Size: about 2cm per piece)

◼️ Special incense burner

◼️ Candle made by Kameyama 1 piece

◼️ One box of matches

With gratitude for the tea, they have captured its fragrance in a beautiful Incense.

The incense is used warm, so there is no smoke and you can enjoy the original fragrance of the tea.

To preserve the flavour of the tea, they do not mass produce. The whole process is done by hand, one by one, after receiving orders.

A perfect gift for everyday relaxation or for welcoming someone special into your home.

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