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Simply Native

Raw Soap | OSAJI

Raw Soap | OSAJI

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A soft, semi-solid, two-layer moisturising facial soap that envelops your skin with rich, foamy lather, leaving it clean and refreshed without stripping away moisture. This facial cleanser balances the refreshing feel of soap with moisture-retaining qualities to prevent over-drying. It features dense, fine foam, like whipped cream, and thoroughly washes away dirt from pores. Recommended for those who want thorough pore care, those who prefer a facial cleanser that fits well with the skin, and those who want both a refreshing and moisturising feel.


This facial soap contains a high level of moisturising ingredients from the soap-making process to leave the skin feeling hydrated after washing. The upper layer is blended with bamboo charcoal, making it effective for cleansing oily areas like the T-zone and décolletage. The key moisturising ingredient is glycerin.

How to Use

1. Take an appropriate amount (about 1-2 cm) with your spatula.
2. Add water or lukewarm water and lather well using a foaming net.
3. Roll the foam on your skin in circular motions to remove dirt.
    - Gently massage around the nose area.
    - The charcoal in the grey part helps clean out pore impurities. It is recommended to use from the top layer down without mixing.

OSAJI believes that cosmetics should enrich the soul. Their belief stems from the fact that the physiological functions of the skin are closely connected to the mind. They believe, when the mind is enriched, the skin becomes healthy and radiantly beautiful. 

They designed friendly packaging and designs based on traditional Japanese colours, aiming to provide a sense of peace and security for Japanese people. In a modern world where lifestyles are rapidly changing due to advancements in technology and science, OSAJI seeks to be a constant, comforting presence in daily life.

OSAJI is a skincare brand that Yukino has loved since she was in Japan, allowing her to experience the traditional natural elements of Japan. The brand was established in an area close to Asakusa, where Yukino lived, and the decision to launch it in Australia was influenced by the many mutual friends she had. We hope that you use Simply Native's collection, filled with "craftsmanship" that we wish to deliver, to reset at the end of the day.

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