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Kyoto 'dashi' broth pack

Kyoto 'dashi' broth pack

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For 380 years Shichimiya Honpo has protected the tastes of Kyoto

Kyoto 'dashi' broth pack is made from high-quality ingredients such as dried bonito flakes, mackerel flakes, Kombu kelp, nutritious vegetables and shiitake mushrooms, processed into fine powder or granules and packed as is.
It comes packaged in a tea bag style so it can be easily prepared.

How to use in your cooking

1. For ichiban-dashi (First brewing of soup stock) Turn off the heat of boiling water and soak the "dashi" packets for 3 to 5 minutes.

2. Niban-dashi (Second brewing of soup stock) Put two or three packets after Ichiban dashi in hot water. Second soup stock brings out the umami of the original ingredients.

3. Tear the tea bag and serve as is.
Onigiri (rice balls), ochazuke (rice with green tea), yakimeshi (fried rice), yakisoba (fried noodles), okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes), furikake (rice sprinkles), nuka-zuke (pickles) etc.

Contents: 80g

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