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Kutani Sake Cup '九谷焼' | SEIKOU

Kutani Sake Cup '九谷焼' | SEIKOU

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Kutani ceramic is a style of Japanese porcelain that originated in the village of Kutani, in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, in the 17th century. The porcelain is known for its vivid colors, intricate designs, and bold patterns.
The origins of Kutani ceramic can be traced back to the early 17th century, when a kiln was established in the village of Kutani. T
he porcelain produced at this kiln was characterized by its bold designs and bright colors, which were achieved through the use of overglaze enamels.
The original Kutani ware featured designs of landscapes, animals, and plants, and was popular among the Japanese aristocracy.
However, the production of Kutani ceramic was disrupted during the mid-17th century due to political unrest, and the kilns were abandoned for several decades.
It was not until the mid-18th century that Kutani ceramic was revived, with a renewed emphasis on intricate designs and bright colors.
Today, Kutani ceramic is still produced in the Kutani region of Japan, using traditional techniques and designs.
The porcelain is highly valued for its beauty and historical significance, and is prized by collectors around the world.
Kutani ceramic is highly valued for its intricate designs and vivid colors, which are achieved through the use of overglaze enamels.
The designs often feature landscapes, animals, and plants, and are executed with great attention to detail.
The beauty, craftsmanship, and functionality of Kutani ceramic make it a highly valued and beloved art form, both in Japan and around the world.

Size: φ58 x H38mm
*It does not come in a box*

SEIKOU (in Ishikawa)
Establishment: Taisho period (1912-1926 CE)
Hidden fact:
Kutani ceramic has a long and rich history in Japan, and is prized for its beauty, craftsmanship, and cultural significance.

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