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Kumiko | Tsumiishi-kikko patterns

Kumiko | Tsumiishi-kikko patterns

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Kumiko is a Japanese woodwork technique that goes back to the 8th century. Having developed over a long period of time, kumiko refers to a sophisticated technique of grooving slit wooden pieces and arranging them in geometric patterns without nails as a form of wooden lattice decoration.
Each piece is assembled by hand with an accuracy of 0.1mm. Despite its delicate design, you’ll be surprised with the durability and longevity of kumiko wood panels. Made only by the best, award-winning artisans in Japan.
The hexagon, derived from the shape of the segments of the turtle shell, has long been regarded as an auspicious design motif as it relates to the long life of the turtle – “Turtles live ten thousand years, and cranes one thousand years.”
And so those who protect themselves, as turtles do within their shells, may enjoy longevity and health.
Also, as the motif symbolizes a banknote, it is thought to bring good fortune.

Size: W300 × L300 × D16
Material: Japanese Hinoki cypress

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