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Kumiko | Kagome patterns

Kumiko | Kagome patterns

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Kumiko is a Japanese woodwork technique that goes back to the 8th century. Having developed over a long period of time, kumiko refers to a sophisticated technique of grooving slit wooden pieces and arranging them in geometric patterns without nails as a form of wooden lattice decoration.
Each piece is assembled by hand with an accuracy of 0.1mm. Despite its delicate design, you’ll be surprised with the durability and longevity of kumiko wood panels. Made only by the best, award-winning artisans in Japan.
This motif derived from woven bamboo baskets is associated with driving away and protecting against evil and explains why bamboo baskets used to be placed at entranceways.
And it is interesting to note that Kagome motifs are etched on the stone lanterns placed around the Ise Shrine.
The design is often used to drive away evil because it expresses the relationship between sunlight and shadow, light and darkness.

Size: W300 × L300 × D16
Material: Japanese Hinoki cypress

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