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Koun no Shiro '江雲の白' | Ryuouen

Koun no Shiro '江雲の白' | Ryuouen

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Matcha literally means powered green tea. In fact, matcha has a higher level of antioxidant than green tea brewing from tea leaves as you actually consume complete tea leaves in powered form when you drink matcha. 

Matcha recognised as ceremonial grade by tea masters is given poetic names that reflect its essence. Koun no Shiro '江雲の白' can be translated as '.'

Koun no Shiro is a type of matcha known as 'Usucha 薄茶.' It is mid-level ceremonial grade matcha. You will appreciate its a harmonious blend of richness and umami. It holds the top spot as Simply Native owner Yukino's favourite.

What is the difference between 'Usucha 薄茶' and 'Koicha 濃茶'?

-Usucha 薄茶:
・Has a lighter, more delicate flavor and is generally more affordable.
・Prepared by whisking one and a half scoops of matcha with more hot water than Koicha.
・Often considered a "side dish" or a less formal option in the tea ceremony.
・During the tea ceremony, Usucha is served to guests in individual bowls and is enjoyed while conversation and socializing take place.

-Koicha 濃茶:
・Has a strong, full-bodied flavor with a natural sweetness and is often more expensive.
・Prepared by whisking three heaping scoops of matcha with a small amount of hot water.
・Considered the most important part of the tea ceremony and is served to guests in individual bowls.
・During the tea ceremony, all attention is focused on the serving and drinking of Koicha.

Net weight: 40g

Established in 1875, Ryuouen '柳桜園' is an unusual case among long-established teahouses, as it's run by only nine employees. One day, we received some tea from Ryuouen as a souvenir from Japan and were incredibly impressed by its taste. We contacted Ryuouen, and they explained, "We make an effort to maintain the quality of our tea, and to achieve this, we prefer to keep our business small." They sell their products exclusively in their own stores, do not sell online, and only open pop-up shops a few times a year. Additionally, what impressed us was that they haven't changed their method of selling tea. It takes one hour to grind 40 grams of matcha, and the tea is sold by weight in their store.

After sharing our enthusiasm for matcha with them, they agreed to let us sell their products in Australia. We are honoured to be able to bring their matcha to Australia and share this exceptional tea with you.

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