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Kamedani 3D sake cup

Kamedani 3D sake cup

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The current generation of Kamedani ceramics since 1806

KAMEDANI Ceramics is the one and only company which handcrafts the Sekisyu-tile. The deep rustic red is the signature colour for the Sekisyu-tile due to its raw material "Kimachi-stone" and firing temperature as high as 1350°C. In addition to traditional roofing tiles, the current master of the house, Norio Kametani, has begun tableware production in the hope that people give more attention to the roofing tiles.

Each cup is delicately handmade from one piece of clay, with an exquisite motif of a demon delivered to safeguard the house (Those demons are attached to the roof on all sides of the house). You will be amazed at the delicacy of the hand-carved demon and daruma (lucky god) face!

It comes with a beautiful paulownia box.

Size: φ9cm × H3.7cm
Material: Ceramic from locally collected clay
Microwave and dishwasher safe
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